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Forelytex provides advanced solutions utilizing machine learning and rule-based validation to support cash management – saving money, resources, and time. Tools built by our team of experts, designed by cash managers, and field tested to resolve issues directly related to cash management operations to make confident, data-driven decisions. Our mission is to revolutionize the cash management industry to advance the control and distribution of cash across the board.

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About Company

Forelytex began as an investigation into leveraging sophisticated statistical techniques and Machine Learning algorithms to assist the Private ATM Market. Over a short period of time, this investigation evolved beyond simple analysis and grew into a mission with the sole purpose of making high-quality data aggregation, analysis, and reporting available to all.

Established in 2019, Forelyex Inc has continued to grow and expand its services and offerings. Forelytex is now proud to offer a variety of services to all customers from small start-ups to enterprise organizations. Forelytex’s mission is to offer consulting and development services from simple data gathering and reporting to full custom implementations of advanced Business Intelligence tools. Additionally, Forelytex Inc continues to focus on the continued development of advanced tools aimed directly at the Private ATM Market to assist with cash demand forecasting, cash performance analytics, and more.

Forelytex is led by partners David Jones and Mazen Mbayed. Headquartered in Downtown New York, Forelytex Inc is proud to operate in the center of the World Financial Market.


Over 10 years of industry experience to offer a range of expertise and services aimed at simplifying the ATM Cash Management process and help owners extract maximum profit from their investment.

Industry leading predictive analytics and machine learning to optimize load performance, minimize risk and residuals, and extract an easier and more profitable investment.

Sophisticated and purpose-built ATM Cash Management platform. Contact us to find out how you can leverage the Forelytex Insight system for your cash.

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Our Services

Forelytex Insight™

Forelytex Insight is a proprietary cash management engine that provides highly accurate depletion estimations and load recommendations.

Link your transaction data to get access to our host of services designed to simplify cash management.

Use our web-interface or integrate into your existing technologies with our API and control your cash like never before.

Turn-Key Cash Management

Allow Forelytex to manage your locations so you can focus on growing your business.

Our experts will handle the work of configuring your locations, monitoring cash loads, and ordering cash with reports and performance metrics always available.

Cash Resale

Reduce your cost of cash by taking advantage of our low interest rates.

Combine with our cash management solutions to save even more!

Forelytex Insight™

Forelytex Insight™ is a proprietary system which aims to optimize the ATM Cash Flow Lifecycle. By automating the collection of transaction data from the ATMs, financial institutions, and market partners, Forelytex Insight generates forecasts and builds recommendations for every ATM, every day.

Our suite of reporting and interface tools reduces the effort and manpower required to oversee and manage your ATMs.

High quality forecasting and advanced monitoring to verify and track cash loads, eliminate waste, reduce residuals, avoid unexpected cash depletions, and maximize ATM uptime, all where you need it. 

Forecasts accuracy
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Residual cash reduction
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Stop wasting time and money

Simplify your cash management workflows and get instant recommendations for order and load dates.

Confident Cash Ordering

Forelytex Insight takes uncertainty out of cash management by giving you the tools to confidently make data driven decisions..

Maximize Uptime, Minimize Waste

Our forecasting, modeling, and validation systems reduce costs by minimizing residuals, reducing downtime, and optimizing deliveries.

Build with Connectivity in Mind

Our tools can be integrated seamlessly with your existing systems or use our web tool for even more functionality.

Forelytex Insight™

The Forelytex Insight Engine

Data Intake

Forelytex connects to any data
source to collect transaction
records and load data effortlessly.

Actionable Insights at Your Fingertips

Highly accurate forecasted
depletion dates combined with rule based validation to provide recommendations for order and load dates.

Ongoing Detailed Reporting

Advanced monitoring and
reporting systems provide you
and your team complete
transparency of your cash
points, to prevent problems
before they arise.

Maximized Profit

We combine machine learning,
advanced analytics, and a
wealth of data to allow you to
avoid downtime, handle issues,
and maximize profit.

Turn-key Cash Management

Let us take the reigns – our experts configure your cash points, monitor uptime, and make orders. Improve your workflow by simplifying cash management. Monitor performance and receive regular updates on location status.


Forelytex combines the latest in forecasting machine learning techniques with rule based validation to create a powerful and easy to use cash management platform.


Forelytex insight is built to increase cash management capacity by optimizing user workflow and increasing confidence in decision making.


With extremely low overhead and an iterative approach to project management and software development, we provide rapid deployment of features needed most - based on the input from our partners.


Forelytex gives access to all your data in a central location and provides all the necessary reporting to stay on top of your cash points.


Forelytex has operational experience with industry stakeholders and their systems. Our tools are built to accept data from multiple sources across different formats to make integration easy with minimal disruption.

Our Tools are built for the Cash Supply Chain

Cash Resale

We provide access to cash at rock bottom interest rates.

Combine with cash management services to save even more.

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