Forecasting and Analytics
Built for Cash Management

Forelytex offers Expert ATM Management and Software Solutions to solve the most important issues faced during Cash Management.


Forelytex Insightâ„¢ is a new service purpose-built to optimize the ATM Cash Flow Lifecycle for ATM owners and stakeholders.

Our High Quality Forecasting and Advanced Monitoring lets you verify and track cash loads, eliminate waste, reduce residuals, avoid unexpected cash depletions, and maximize ATM uptime.

ATM Intelligence

Over 10 years of industry experience to offer a range of expertise and services aimed at simplifying the ATM Cash Management process and help owners extract maximum profit from their investment.

Industry leading predictive analytics and machine learning to optimize load performance, minimize risk and residuals, and extract an easier and more profitable investment.

Sophisticated and purpose-built ATM Cash Management platform. Contact us to find out how you can leverage the Forelytex Insight system for your cash.

Insight Into Your Investments

Forelytex Insight is a full suite of services designed to simplify and automate the currency supply chain in order to provide comprehensive control over cash points.

Hassle-Free Configuration

All terminals undergo a thorough analysis to ensure top quality forecasting and recommendations.

We work with you to configure terminals with optimal denominations, capacity, and surcharge.


Automated Data Collection Services

Intelligent systems establish a secure connection to financial institutions, processors, remote monitoring, or currency couriers systems to gather relevant data.

Simple and easy, once configured we'll take care of the rest!


Top Tier Analytics and Forecasting

Advanced algorithms transform raw transaction and cash load data into actionable analytics.

Assess terminal health and performance, model future demand, identify depletion dates, and recommend load amounts making cash decisions easy.


Simplified Cash Ordering

Once fully analyzed, take the reins by reviewing recommendations, forecasts, and terminal history to make a confident and informed judgement.

Or let us handle that for you!


Measure Performance

Track requested cash, review load performance, and monitor key performance indicators using our intuitive web interface.

Build reports and manage your business easily with Forelytex Insight.


Need help? Book a call at a time to suit you.

The Forelytex Team is available to answer any questions you might have. We'll help you understand your options, decide on the best solutions, and implement them optimally.


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